October 12, 2014 – Crothers Woods

This afternoon I finally got around to hiking in Crothers Woods down in the Don Valley. Through layers of fall foliage, I explored the meandering trails that cut across the woods and the valleys, meeting many hikers and mountain bikers along the way. Coming to a fork in the road, one must decide to continue onto the easier path or the harder path. Which path would you choose? 😉

June 06, 2014 – A green mile

My dad and I went to Guildwood Park as part of my hunt for hiking trails in Toronto. The trees provide a beautiful green canopy for our walk and formed a green tunnel leading into the woods, but the green walk also brought with it annoyances in the form of mosquitoes. Shame on me for overlooking the fact that I’d be covered in mosquito bites. Insect repellent is now ready for the next hike!