Apr 24, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Nature’s dress

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Bordeaux, France, taken on April 1, 2012

The way God dresses up His creation amazes me constantly. The simple white dress that He puts on this little flower in bloom is purer and more beautiful than any wedding dress that has been worn by any woman. So much beauty on Earth to admire, so vast is the realm of nature to be thankful for.

November 18, 2014 – Flower

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I’m surprised that it’s almost been three years and there has been no entry titled “Flower”. I had “Blue flower”, “Sunflowers”, “Purple flower”, “Flower Carpet”, “Yellow flowers”, “Pasta flower”, but never just “Flower”…so there, first one. The buds in my room bloomed into this pretty little white flower here, and it looks like it’s sticking out its tongue 😛

May 07, 2013 – White

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Passing by little white flowers as I walk along the streets of Bordeaux…nature is so beautiful.

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