Jul 18, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Kelvinbridge mural

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on July 9, 2016

The never-ending search for murals in Glasgow reveals some lovely surprises where you wouldn’t expect pieces of art to appear. For example, the wall lining the path from Gibson street to Kelvinbridge subway station is full of drawings hidden behind trees and bushes!

Jun 25, 2016 – [Saturday] Is this what you call art? – Brain tree

Lisbon, Portugal, taken on March 27, 2016

Lisbon has its fair share of exceptional street art and one of the coolest ones has got to be this one found in the Alfama district. As my friends and I were trying to figure out what it represented, one of them suggested that perhaps it was a brain…a tree of knowledge in a brain? Whatever it was, it was impressive!

Jun 19, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on March 22, 2015

It may surprise you that Glasgow is full of amazing wall art, but upon discovering this fact, it has become one of my favourite aspects of the city. Here’s an example of one near where I live, one that is full of exquisite curves and details. It may not be obvious at first sight but it is indeed a piece of art made specifically for the Bar Gallus, which is right next to the mural. Unfortunately a couple of months ago, the Gallus peacock has been removed and replaced with a new mural, of which I have yet to take a photo. Gallus peacock, you’re greatly missed!