March 08, 2013 – City and vineyards

Of course, I had to bring my visitor from Belgium to see Saint-Émilion. The city (or town?) in the distance is contrasted by the (still leafless) vineyards in the foreground, showing proudly both the historical and natural sides of Saint-Émilion. (Side note: This photo was taken using Li Yang’s Canon EOS 60D, which is the 7th camera to be used in Picture Worthy 😉 )

January 30, 2013 – Vineyard #2

There’s a magnificent view of a vineyard from the window of a friend’s place, but during the winter, there’s nothing but sticks. Yet, even though it was already dark when I took this photo, the clouds tonight made a dramatic backdrop. There was no tripod or anything that could act as one for Mr.Canon near the window, so I maxed the ISO and this is how it turned out. A bit blurry perhaps, but the effect is interesting. The blur and the noise made the whole picture look somewhat like a painting than a photo, and I like that. Quite unexpected, indeed.

November 24, 2012 – St.Emilion

I added a new item to my bucket list: to visit St.Emilion once in every month. So far I’ve done April, May, June, July, and the latest trip completes November. I still have one year for the rest of the months, which is probably doable. Here is a classic view of St.Emilion from the upper parts of the town, looking towards the old roofs with a vineyard in the foreground. The weather could not be more perfect, and my companion was fun and awesome 😉 Even after the fifth visit, this little wine town is still as charming as ever.