Aug 16, 2015 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Vienna, Austria, taken on January 16, 2014

I went to St. Marx cemetery to see Mozart’s resting place on a chilly, misty morning in Vienna. No one else was around, and the silence was so piercing that it was even a bit creepy. Yet something lingered in the air that gave the atmosphere a mysterious sense of serenity and beauty as I walked through rows and rows of graves and tombstones. May your souls rest in peace.

Apr 09, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: O Come O Come Emmanuel

Vienna, Austria, taken on January 16, 2014

Out of the impossibly countless hymns that could have been associated with any statue of Jesus, I don’t know why O Come O Come Emmanuel triumphed over all the others when I saw this sculpture. The holiness and serenity of the song must have won me over at that moment, especially alone in a cemetery on a cloudy, pale, chilly morning. Perhaps the atmosphere also added a sense of eeriness to it, but Emmanuel will come as promised, so there was peace…

January 16, 2014 – Grave

[Travel time] I went to St. Marx cemetery in Vienna just to see Mozart’s final place of rest. Many songs could have played in my head as I stood there alone, yet the little tune of “Eine kleine nachtmusik” was the one that appeared over and over. This must be one of the most universally recognized tunes ever.