Feb 18, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Flight

Burano, Italy, taken on December 15, 2013

The days were short at the end of December, and the sun was already setting in Burano, Italy by around 5pm. An experienced traveler friend advised me to watch the sunset by the coast of Burano as it would have been a stunning sight. So as the sun was getting ready for a show, my dad and I walked slowly towards the sea just in time to see a flock of birds take flight into the horizon.

Jan 24, 2015 – [Saturday] Letters of the Alphabet: A(ntennas)

Burano (Venice), Italy, taken on December 15, 2013

I still remember very clearly the antennas stretching from the roofs of the colourful houses on Burano island, which I visited with my dad as a side trip from Venice. My dad commented, “These are very reminiscent of the ‘fish bone antennas’ in my childhood.” I think the term “fish bone antennas” must have been what made such an impression on me. You can’t deny the ingenuity of the name – they did look perfectly like the skeleton of a fish!