Oct 20, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Crazy engineers

Waterloo, Canada, taken on February 5, 2010

The Iron Ring Ceremony is an important event for every Waterloo engineering student as that’s when they receive the Iron Ring that symbolizes 5 years of work, pain, and sweat. Before the ceremony, there’s a tradition where we got dress up in weird costumes to go around campus and terrorize/raid classes/offices and pretty much do whatever crazy things we wanted to. The class theme of our costumes was DUCT TAPE, as shown here by Albert as the Monopoly Man, Mike as Ab Lincoln, and May as…a plug. Here we were greeted by Jim Barby, a man that not many people would say they were fond of, but even he appeared quite personable and genuinely happy at that moment as we were rampaging through the corridors of the engineering offices. Oh, I was (more than) a bit tipsy from alcohol first thing in the morning…but I was still sober enough to know what was going on!