October 03, 2013 – Travelling guitar

Alright, this time I’m bringing the guitar to Belgium, and it’ll stay there. It’s probably the guitar’s first time travelling on the TGV, and I’ll be saying goodbye to it as it finds a new home in the land of mussels and waffles. Take care my beloved friend 😦

August 04, 2012 – Going to Interlaken

Post 200 goes to…Interlaken! Really, Interlaken is the main reason why I wanted to visit Switzerland. It’s been my dream for so long and it’s the first item on my bucket list to check off. My friend and I took the 5:59am train – bright and early, yes – to Interlaken from Basel, and passed by the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen in my life. Here is a view from the train, with the mountains as a backdrop and a lone boat floating gently in Lake Thun before the sun has fully awaken.