December 27, 2014 – Český Krumlov

[Travel time] A very similar photo to the previous one, but this time, it’s the roofs of Český Krumlov! I absolutely loved this little town to the south of Prague (more so than Prague, actually :O ), especially in the snow! They had their first snow of the winter as I arrived, and how romantic it was – even though I was travelling alone 🙂 Another fairy tale – is the Czech Republic filled with magic everywhere?

June 01, 2013 – Petite Venise

Two days ago I was at Petite France in Strasbourg, and today, I visited Petite Venise in Colmar, a cute town half an hour away from Strasbourg by train. I’ve never been to Venice, so I can’t comment on whether this part of Colmar really lives up to its name, but it is itself a charming and scenic place to be. Which one is more impressive, Petite France or Petite Venise? 😉

March 08, 2013 – City and vineyards

Of course, I had to bring my visitor from Belgium to see Saint-Émilion. The city (or town?) in the distance is contrasted by the (still leafless) vineyards in the foreground, showing proudly both the historical and natural sides of Saint-Émilion. (Side note: This photo was taken using Li Yang’s Canon EOS 60D, which is the 7th camera to be used in Picture Worthy 😉 )