Jul 19, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Tour guide

Hanoi, Vietnam, taken on December 29, 2015

I met some memorable tour guides during my trip to Vietnam, and one of them was Tien, who guided us during the Hanoi city tour. For a tour guide, every visitor of his group might seem the same to him, but a good tour guide can make the visitor’s day, like Tien did 😉 (See the original photo in colour.)

Oct 25, 2015 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Zhangjiajie, China, taken on August 11, 2010

You can never be too careful while walking on a path made of wooden planks attached to the side of a cliff at 1400 metres above the ground. Such was the experience in Zhangjiajie when we stepped on a path known as the “Guigu Zhandao”, which literally translates to the “Ghost Valley Plank Way”. It really didn’t feel too scary at the time but looking back, that was a big drop, alright, and definitely not for one afraid of any sort of heights!

Mar 10, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: The Bean

Chicago, USA, taken on April 18, 2009

I’ve always known this sculpture in Chicago as “The Bean” and only found out through Wikipedia today that its actual name is “Cloud Gate”. Sorry, The Bean just sounds so much more descriptive of the shape of the thing. And to be honest, the more I look at it, the more it looks like a really comfortable bean bag flipped upside down. There’s no escaping the “bean” 😉 (See the original photo in colour.)