Sep 25, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Mirror of the heart

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on September 25, 2015

The church activity tonight, called “Mirror of the Heart”, had each of us choose two photo cards from a big deck, one to describe oneself before coming to Glasgow and the other to describe oneself after coming. Here were my choices. I wrote a summary in Chinese, but essentially, the “before” photo shows me as a bird trapped in the comforts of home and longing again to be free after indulging in 3 years of an European adventure. The tug-of-war between staying and flying away again escalated until I decided to leave – which brings me to the “after”. Within this year in Glasgow, I understood the significance of true, genuine relationships and how important it is to build them and maintain them. It takes a lot of time and energy, but most of all, it takes that one word: heart. I believe God put people around me so that meaningful relationships can be built, and I am willing to invest more effort into building these relationships so that I can be a source of help and comfort to those I love and care about ❤

January 06, 2013 – Empty seats

I went inside Saint-André for a brief moment this afternoon, and the chairs that line up the cathedral reminded me of some words that were said at fellowship last night. They made me think. Is the number of people that attend our fellowship or church that important, an indicator of how “successful” we are? What good is it if we have a room full of attendees, yet their hearts aren’t in Christ? Sometimes we get so caught up with filling up a physical building that we forget where true devotion dwells – within the heart. So we search for bigger, “better” churches, or are satisfied because x people came to fellowship this week. What really matters, the count or the cause?

July 26, 2012 – Thoughts

Time passes by slowly in the cleanroom while I do imprint experiments, so sometimes I grab my marker and start writing on the papers in the cleanroom. Here were my thoughts for the day. Well, I suppose I’ve been reflecting upon this question for a long time: “Is it all worth it?” And “all” can mean a lot of different things…