December 10, 2013 – Thanks

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The thesis defense is over and all I can say is…thanks. Many photos were taken but this one captures my feelings of gratefulness. A group of giraffes (?) drinking red wine sending out blessings…how adorable! These words represent love from my family, friends, classmates, and colleagues and I don’t think I could ever sufficiently express how much every one of you means to me. Thanks for your tolerance, encouragement, and love within the past three years. Vous me manquerez… 😦

November 15, 2013 – Six jury members

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Congratulations doctor! There were six jury members at Nasima’s public thesis defense today, and I finally saw the legendary robes. I see pink ties…secret Mathies? (Waterloo inside jokes never die.)

September 15, 2013 – Ready

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Preliminary drafts of the thesis are printed, packaged, and ready to be sent off to the jury members. Yeah, baby! TAKE THAT, THESIS! Well, I can only say this until the corrections hit me in the face again after the pre-defense, but hey, let me have my five minutes of triumph.

September 03, 2013 – Target

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Today’s target: thesis. OK, productivity wasn’t as high as I had hoped, and I’m still toiling slowly and painfully towards the goal, but I’m getting there. Just gotta keep my eyes on the target, and it’ll all be over soon!

April 02, 2013 – Thesis blues

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Not sure if it’s normal to be suffering from beginning-of-thesis-writing-stage-panic, but I certainly am starting to feel just a little overwhelmed that I inevitably have to start facing this monster…

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