Apr 27, 2016 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Strawberry with the falls

Spectacle E’e Falls, Scotland, taken on April 23, 2016

In addition to the amazing landscape and majestic mountains, Scotland hides some lovely waterfalls in the midst of its hiking trails. The newest discovery was Spectacle E’e Falls near Strathaven, so named because of a local tale. It was said that a young lad fell in love with the daughter of the owner of a mill nearby, but the father did not approve of the relationship and ended it. As revenge, the lad put his eyeglasses on the mill so that when the sun rays struck them, they caught on fire and destroyed the mill. Interesting story, and as someone who appreciates waterfalls immensely, I loved that the falls had history behind it. Oh, and as a part of my “Food and Hills” photo series, I had to take an obligatory photo with the snack of the day – a strawberry. Of course we had a whole batch, and the falls aren’t really a “hill”, but the series has already extended beyond just hills anyway so it’s fair game!