Sep 14, 2016 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Shanghai

Shanghai, China, taken on August 27, 2010

Shanghai’s skyline as viewed from the Bund is perhaps the lovelist city skyline I’ve ever seen. When I took this photo six years ago, I was using a very basic point-and-shoot and ended up with a slanted, grainy image – luckily Lightroom was able to rescue it moderately. I will be going to Shanghai again at the end of the year and hope to recapture this beautiful skyline!

May 24, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Montreal from Mount Royal

Montreal, Canada, taken on May 16, 2016

The climb to the top of Mount Royal, after which the city of Montreal was named, was a sweaty one, but worthy for the city views! The story of Montreal was also laid out in front of the city as follows: “On October 2nd, 1535, Jacques Cartier, discoverer of Canada, climbed the mountain under the guidance of the Indians of the village of Hochelaca and, impressed with the beauty of the landscape displayed before his eyes, he gave it the name of Mount Royal, from which the city of Montreal took its name.” (See the original photo in colour.)

Sep 02, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, taken on April 3, 2015

I think I should be allowed to post the obligatory I’ve-been-to-Hong-Kong-and-seen-the-impressive-skyline-by-night-and-therefore-took-a-nice-photo-of-it photo, even though everyone else who’s been to Victoria Harbour at night has probably taken the exact same photo. C’mon, it’s pretty, and you know I can’t resist night lights 😉

October 18, 2013 – Fake city #3

With an easily manipulable light source in my room, it was only a matter of time before I realized that I could use it to create my third fake city skyline. As usual, I’ll list the “ingredients” – tube of moisturizer, hair clip, clarifying lotion, battery charger on top of “The Four Loves” by C. S. Lewis on top of my two journals, and toner.

January 02, 2013 – Fake city #2

Here’s another fake city following the example in February 2012, only this time it’s modified with a sepia tone. I actually noticed the silhouette on the door by chance, because my desk lamp and the items on the shelf were positioned at the perfect angle. From left to right, the items that compose this city are my star-filled wine bottle, butane gas bottle, shower gel bottle, shampoo bottle, box of tea, perfume case, and pens.