Jun 30, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Annie and Sherry

Toronto, Canada, taken on October 24, 2014

When it comes to selfies, Sherry is the master (or at least better than me) and I owe her for “teaching” me how to take selfies. But the best selfies are the ones taken with her and probably the only selfies that I ever take 😛

Feb 25, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Hippo and the sis

Toronto, Canada, taken on April 30, 2006

Hippo was my favourite stuffed toy ever but he mysteriously disappeared some years ago, and no one in my family knew where he’s hiding. I suspect someone threw him away, but no one would admit it. This is a photo of Hippo and Sherry in the lobby. Tell me, do you not see a slight resemblance between the two of them?