Sep 29, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Mirror selfie

Toronto, Canada, taken on April 19, 2006

The earliest forms of selfies with the sis were reflections in the mirror. Please do neglect the fact that my sister was using a blow-dryer as this photo was being taken. She was actually drying her hair…I swear! That facial expression is priceless though. Was I tickling her?!

Jun 30, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Annie and Sherry

Toronto, Canada, taken on October 24, 2014

When it comes to selfies, Sherry is the master (or at least better than me) and I owe her for “teaching” me how to take selfies. But the best selfies are the ones taken with her and probably the only selfies that I ever take 😛

May 02, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Under the post

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on April 16, 2016

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a selfie and this one is a bit…strange? I was lying on a yoga mat and somehow it got positioned under the horizontal post supporting my dinner table, and this was the result. I did look rather out of energy, and that may have been because I hurt my lower back that day…hence the need to lie on a yoga mat for some exercises.

Sep 27, 2015 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, taken on May 10, 2011

This may be a bit of an unconventional photo to illustrate this week’s challenge, but let’s go for it. Whenever I work in the cleanroom at the lab, whether at my current work place or back in Belgium (photo), I had to change into a bunny suit (cleanroom attire), which entirely makes me look like I’m up to no good. Then inside the cleanroom itself, everyone looks the same and it sometimes intimidates me. To get to the cleanroom from the change room, I had to go up some stairs and there was a large mirror before the entrance where I suppose you could check if you were dressed properly…? I think its sole purpose was for people to be able to snap a quick photo of themselves though, before selfies even went really popular. Then again I probably shouldn’t even have my phone out…shhh!

Jul 09, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: You’ve Got A Friend

Toronto, Canada, taken on October 24, 2014

My sister is perhaps my best friend in the entire world, the only one with whom I could be honest and goofy and annoying and she would still love me. Of course she is annoying most of the time too, but that is one of the reasons why I love her. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart and have a larger-than-many-siblings-age-gap, we both know that we can count on each other in the best and worst of situations. Yep, kiddo, you’ve got a friend in me 😉