May 08, 2014 – Concert

My sister informed me last minute that tonight would be her school’s (I went to her school before) spring concert. Of course I’d go! I had been part of the school band, and consequently the school’s spring concert, during all four years that I was there, so I had to go and show my support. Let’s get ready for a good show 🙂

February 03, 2014 – Volleyball

My sister has been on her school’s volleyball team for more years than I could count, and today I finally attended one of her games at her highschool, which was also my highschool. Here she is in yellow as the libero of her team. Good to be back and watching a mini-version of me (although I was never on the team). And we won!

September 21, 2012 – Waterloo

I went back to my alma mater Waterloo today to attend the grand opening ceremony of the Quantum Nano Centre. It’s astonishing to think that I graduated two years ago, and so much has changed since then, both in terms of the physical campus and my mindset. I wandered around all day and it was like squeezing five years into one day. The times in undergrad were the best years of my life. This is Dana Porter library, the tallest building on campus. Is it still the tallest now that the QNC is complete?