January 09, 2015 – Meeting

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The sculpture at the corner of the room always makes me feel strangely paranoid whenever I attend the lab meeting in this room. He must be watching me…and every one of us!

August 21, 2014 – University

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For the first time ever, I explored the buildings of the University of Toronto (never having been a student), inside and out. I was awed at how beautiful the downtown campus is and for a slight moment, almost regretted choosing Waterloo over U of T 😛 The university buildings, especially the older ones, gleamed with class. This must be a lecture hall or classroom of some sort, something that seemed to come right out of a movie. What is this, Hogwarts? I wouldn’t mind having some high-quality lectures here 🙂

November 23, 2013 – Room

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This is my room/apartment/studio in Bordeaux, whatever you’d like to call it. Every time I move back, I leave my luggage on the ground untouched for at least two days. Then I unpack everything swiftly all at once. The place is still slightly cluttered, but much better than it was when random stuff was lying on the ground.

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