November 11, 2014 – Meal with rice

First self-cooked meal in Glasgow WITH RICE. Had enough of pasta and bread for now, so I decided to experiment with rice using a pot, once again. It worked out for the most part – optimization required, but that happens with every new kitchen when you’re not used to the stove settings and the utensils. Accompanying the rice, we have green beans, mushrooms, and LAMB! Pas mal, I think!

November 02, 2014 – Rice

Good Chinese food in a (still) foreign country/city is a luxury. A week in Glasgow, and I was craving Chinese food. I had to understand the Chinese scene in the city and find out if there are any good Chinese restaurants out there, and I started with a small restaurant that got pretty good reviews online. I ordered a boxed Fujian fried rice takeaway, a classic that could be found anywhere in Toronto, just to try it out. It has shrimp, fish, scallops, duck (I think?), and some other stuff with a thick sauce poured over the rice. IT WAS SO GOOD. Tears almost came to my eyes because I actually didn’t expect it to be so good, but it was. Maybe I was just extremely hungry?

December 07, 2012 – Rice balls

I stopped by my friend Ara’s place in Paris before our trip to Copenhagen, and she made these little rice balls for dinner! I guess these are more like seaweed rice triangles rather than balls, and I have yet to find out the Korean name for it. There are two types of filling – Korean kimchi and tuna mayonnaise. Delicious 🙂