January 29, 2014 – Sunrise

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How often do you get to see a sunrise at 10:45 in the morning? Not very often, unless you’re in Iceland in January. Watching a sunrise doesn’t have to be an excruciating ordeal at 5am. Just get up (not so) bright and (not so) early at 9am, eat a nice breakfast, grab a cup of coffee or two, and head up the Hallgrímskirkja – huge church in the middle of Reykjavik – for a grand spectacle.

January 28, 2014 – Fish and chips

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During my stay in Iceland, I felt like everything in this country is perfect, even its fish and chips. Fish and chips? Yes, with an Icelandic spin. On today’s menu: fried ling with crispy potatoes and tartar skyronnes. A “skyronne” is a dipping sauce, and I should have guessed from the name that it’s made out of skyr, an Icelandic favourite, similar to yogurt. And the fish…I’m not sure how it could taste so fresh and delicious and NOT overly oily like typical fried fish. The drink was called “our own fresh soda, made with ginger, lemon, and Stevia topped up with sparkling water”. Awesome!

January 27, 2014 – Geyser

January 28, 2014 § 2 Comments

Strokkur is a geyser in Iceland that erupts regular every 4 minutes on average. It is part of the “Golden Circle” route and a must-see for visitors to Iceland. I was lucky to have captured a reasonably tall eruption against the sun this afternoon, a fabulous sight indeed. The wait time felt much, much longer than 4 minutes though (I guess time passes by more slowly when you’re consciously waiting for something to happen) that I almost believed that it wasn’t going to erupt. Yeah right, as if Mother Nature was going to change just for me… 😛

January 26, 2014 – Reykjavik

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First impression of Iceland: Yup, that’s ice, alright. Seriously though, a few hours in quiet Reykjavik, and I’m already loving it even if it’s the night time. The reflection of the city centre in the frozen Tjörnin lake is simply stunning. I can’t wait to see what this country has to offer within the next two days!

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