May 17, 2012 – From the rocks

I love the gigantic rectangular pool of rocks right outside my lab. From it so many different types of flowers sprout unexpectedly, like this bizarre yellow and brown little thing. If you zoom in enough, you might even mistaken it as a pie or a cake! There is a lizard (well, at least one) hidden beneath the rocks somewhere. It is too quick for me and always scurries away before I can take a picture, but I will get you one day…I hope!

April 17, 2012 – Still alive

Rain continues to invade Bordeaux during this spring season. Earlier today, when stepping outside for a fire alarm, I saw a pretty little red flower shining proudly in a pile of rocks. It was the lone flower with no companion. I made a mental note to go back and take a picture of it after work. Then it started to rain quite heavily. After work, I went back to the spot where the flower stood, and there it was drenched in drops of rain, but still alive.