May 01, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Secret operation

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on May 1, 2015

Tonight’s “secret operation” for WQ’s birthday was a success! Thanks for everyone’s help and participation! The brothers and sisters in Glasgow are really way too adorable and I am thankful beyond words to have met them here 😉

December 03, 2014 – Birthday #3

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It is a colleague’s birthday today and she kindly made a cheesecake for everyone in the lab 🙂 Time for an unofficial group meeting, aka cake-eating break. Sarah and Marco are preparing the candles for the birthday girl – can you count how many there are? The cake was delicious, by the way!

January 21, 2014 – Aftermath

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The week of goodbyes continues with an IDS dinner potluck a FunMate’s apartment. IDS-FunMates definitely know how to have fun. Dishes presented at dinner were promptly devoured as our international chefs were too good at preparing yummy food (Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, French…) Of course, a gathering in French isn’t complete without some cheese and wine (and beer for the Brazilian). Oh, IDS, you’ve given me the time of my life. I will miss you dearly!

November 19, 2013 – Pot de départ

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After so many good bye parties, it’s finally my turn in Belgium. Lots of good fun here, but it’s time to say au revoir. Thanks, farewell, and see you again sometime, somewhere. (Special thanks to Mr.Li for helping with the preparations of the pot de départ, especially for cutting all the tarts and sausages 😉 )

November 09, 2013 – Macarena

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Finally, a gathering of the LLN IDS crew with some others from IMCN has happened! Approximately 20 people arrived for the dinner, and I think we were all quite overwhelmed with the amount of food we ended up having. After dinner, it was time for a little…Macarena? “Why not?” said Jusal, Alina, Yang, and Vusala, while Amir looked at them with the expression of “What, are you guys 5?” and Roussil thought, “I’d join too if I weren’t too full!” Hehe, some good fun before saying goodbye to Belgium!

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