August 28, 2014 – Korean food

I was in the mood for some Korean food today, so I went to supposedly a very authentic Korean restaurant with a friend. I ordered the jajangmyeon plus champongbap combo – jajangmyeon is a noodle dish with a thick black bean sauce mixed with beef and vegetables, and champongbap is spicy seafood soup with a bowl of rice. Boy the portions were much larger than I had expected…but I was hungry! The food was so…good! The soup was very hearty and super tasty, and I hadn’t expected the noodles to be so delicious. Love ❤

August 23, 2014 – Noodles for breakfast

I’ve wanted to try the food at Buddy Cafe down the street for a while, and got the chance today before my drive to Waterloo. I was just in time for the end of breakfast, and decided to get the rice noodles with beef brisket. I gotta say I was actually moderately impressed as the food was better than I had expected 😉

January 24, 2014 – At Dan’s

I went to Dan, a friend’s restaurant in downtown Bordeaux, for lunch today. Hidden in a little alley, they’ve been open for about 3 months and I’ve wanted to go try their fusion-style Chinese cuisine ever since it was advertised. This is called “Nouilles Ho Fan sautées au boeuf mariné et soja frais”, which is a variation of the classic Cantonese beef fried noodles. I gotta say it was quite a pleasant surprise and definitely an exquisite meal!