Jul 30, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: The Cross

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Mount Rigi, Switzerland, taken on January 11, 2014

The cross stands on top of Rigi in the bleak winter wind, withstanding the cold all on its own without a single consolation.

Jul 02, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: The Hills Are Alive

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Conic Hill, Scotland, taken on June 27, 2015

Every time I see the hills and mountains of Scotland, I just want to shout at the top of my lungs…the hills are alive! And they certainly are, as there is such a sense of spirituality surrounding these magical hills, especially when I climb one. Hiking up Conic Hill near Loch Lomond was an unforgettable experience of a close, personal interaction with these living, breathing hills that seem to call out to me, singing songs they have sung for a thousand years. Higher, higher, higher!

Jun 25, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: Into the West

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Towards the Isle of Mull, Scotland, taken on June 13, 2015

From Oban, a ferry took me across the waters, into the west, toward a little island named Mull, where I found serenity.

May 31, 2015 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

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Hallstatt, Austria, taken on January 14, 2014

Across Lake Hallstatt, I sat in silence and wonder as a train on the opposite side began moving, so small and insignificant compared to the majestic “in-yo-face” mountains. And I thought of what the little prince said, “People start out in express trains, but they no longer know what they’re looking for.” Yes, the passengers must be on the way to a final destination, somewhere important perhaps, but is the destination really all that matters? Where is the road that leads to the way?

May 07, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: Powered by Nature

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Mount Rigi, Switzerland, taken on January 11, 2014

When my eyes hover over the endless mountain ranges in the beautiful country of Switzerland, I feel rejuvenated, as if powered by nature. The magnificent thing is, as Secret Garden puts it, that the mountains “make me feel so small – so I can seize the wonder and the greatness of it all!”

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