January 30, 2014 – Eve

On Chinese new year’s eve, dad decided to cook up a grand meal: king oyster mushroom with pea shoots; mixed stir fry with shrimp, chicken, char siu, and a variety of vegetables; steamed fish; fat choy (hair moss) with dried oyster and pork; stewed chicken and shiitake; and roasted duck. Happy new year!

December 24, 2013 – Christmas meal #2

It’s time for the annual Christmas meal! Well, there are always several each year, actually, as so many “groups” (Chinese fellowship, English church, etc.) organize these dinners, but the more the merrier especially when friends and food are involved! This one, which took place at Peiguang’s place, exposed the grand chefs that dwell within each one of the invitees as everyone brought something to share. Let’s eat already!

October 22, 2012 – Dinner with friend

Spent a very awesome night with my colleague/friend eating and chatting till 10:30pm. Thank you for inviting me over, making the food, and sharing with me your stories. The company was great and the food was too delicious – fish seaweed soup, steamed chicken, and spicy cabbage and shrimp, the typical Chinese “two dishes plus one soup”. Oh, and there was wine! White wine is always a nice addition to any meal. I think I drank 2/3 of the entire bottle. It’s a miracle I made it home in sober condition.