June 01, 2012 – Feast

[No WordPress in China] Sichuan province is well-known for its delicious food, and here’s the aftermath of our more-than-enormous lunch. I would have eaten more but it’d really look bad…>_< Still, it was such a waste leaving all the food…I wasn't so pleased 😦 (By the way, the little dishes around the center were the plates containing our "desserts", 14 of them per person in this set menu…WOW!)

May 12, 2012 – Appetizer

I went to Sarlat (in the Dordogne department in south-western France) today with a friend for a day trip, and had a nice, well-enjoyed lunch. For starters I ordered the “salade gourmande”, which was a salad with duck gizzards, bacon, and walnut bits. I’m gonna say this is the best duck gizzard salad I’ve had anywhere so far – and I’ve certainly tried quite a few! So yummy 😉