Feb 14, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

February 14, 2016 § 5 Comments

Paris, France, taken on April 22, 2011

This isn’t so much “life imitates art” as it is life REACTS to art, and it was a pretty darn good reaction of what would have happened if the sculpture in the Louvre came to life. My friend and I were playing around with multiple poses beside the many sculptures in the museum, some of which were imitations while others, like this one that turned out quite well, were reactions. Run for your life, girl!

December 22, 2013 – Louvre

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Like many other attractions in the City of Lights (Paris), the pyramids at the Louvre light up at night. Don’t get me wrong though – I don’t love Paris or even like it, for that matter (for some reason I feel the need to reiterate it, but OK, I don’t DISLIKE it that much as well). I do feel, though, that Paris comes to life at night with all the lights, and is much more enjoyable during the night than in the daylight. Perhaps “City of Lights” is a worthy name, after all.

March 17, 2012 – Corridor

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In Paris, near the Louvre, where I went today to see a friend’s art exhibition. I still can’t say I like Paris very much. However, it cannot be denied that this city is filled with so much art and culture.

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