November 11, 2014 – Meal with rice

First self-cooked meal in Glasgow WITH RICE. Had enough of pasta and bread for now, so I decided to experiment with rice using a pot, once again. It worked out for the most part – optimization required, but that happens with every new kitchen when you’re not used to the stove settings and the utensils. Accompanying the rice, we have green beans, mushrooms, and LAMB! Pas mal, I think!

October 06, 2013 – Rack of lamb

Ever since I saw Stephane’s post about the most perfect rack of lamb he made, I’ve been itching to try it on my own. Then a few days ago Florence showed me a mouthwatering photo of a rack of lamb that she made. That was it. I was going to make it. Tonight. With a huge kitchen and a lovely oven at my disposal, there was almost no reason NOT to give it a try. And it worked magically. Stephane’s suggestion was so simple yet so perfect. I had doubts when I was cooking but when I bit into the juicy, tender meat, I felt like my life has been completed. Thanks Stephane and Florence for the inspiration!

May 24, 2012 – Bah

This is my treasure box, inside which I put my precious belongings, mostly cards and gifts from friends. There’s a little “Lucky Irish Lamb” that LS-san got me from Ireland when he visited me in Bordeaux last year. I ❤ my dear LS-san 😉