Oct 09, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Dunkeld, Scotland, taken on October 8, 2016

Nature exhibits H2O in various wonderful and artistic forms that inspire and touch me. Among them are waterfalls, clouds, icicles, and dewdrops! Morning dew, especially, can sometimes be a delicate work of art – the beauty is unfathomable!

Sep 13, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Clouds at Lismore

Isle of Lismore, Scotland, taken on September 4, 2016

The hike on the Isle of Lismore was blessed with the most perfect weather ever – even the clouds were dramatically gorgeous! At the beginning of the hike, I looked back as the ferry that brought me to the island departed for Oban again. What a beautiful day! (See the original photo in colour.)

Sep 12, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Toad

Isle of Lismore, Scotland, taken on September 4, 2016

During my hike on the Isle of Lismore, I was wary of stepping on poop that would appear anywhere in the tracks. I almost did step on something that I thought was a pile of poop but as I swayed sideways to avoid it, I realized that it wasn’t poop at all – it was something that moved! Upon a closer look, I saw myself staring at a huge toad (if that was a toad?) and it staring back at me. Sure glad I didn’t step on it!

Sep 04, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Isle of Seil, Scotland, taken on September 3, 2016

As I was waiting for the bus to come pick me up near Ellenabeich on the Isle of Seil after a great hike yesterday, I noticed that the bus shelter was actually a mirror that reflected the road, the hill, and the cottage up ahead. It was getting chilly so I was glad that the bus came soon after!