Nov 03, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Little girl

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Bordeaux, France, taken on April 29, 2012

One spring afternoon in Bordeaux, I decided to sit in Place Pey Berland and do nothing by people-watch. And that was an interesting experience because you could never predict the kinds of interesting people that would pass by in front of you, like this sweet little girl 🙂 (See the original photo in colour.)

Jul 21, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Stare

July 21, 2015 § 1 Comment

Bordeaux, France, taken on February 9, 2013

It is interesting to try to figure out the meaning of the expression on this girl’s face. Contemplation? Indifference? Spite? One could only ponder… (See the original photo in colour.)

December 23, 2012 – Girl and cat

December 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Not sure when I started to like cats, but there’s something about that look in their eyes that makes them so badass. “Mess with me if you dare,” they seem to say. Today I spent a good ten minutes admiring this beautiful cat, and a girl approached to pat it. Seeing that the cat remained indifferent, the girl’s mother said, “Il doit être habitué” (“He must be used to it.”)

March 23, 2012 – Girl at the grocery store

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