May 05, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: PoA

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Toronto, Canada, taken on June 5, 2005

There are times when I really miss PoA, one of my best friends ever in my life. I still remember those days under the ToK, those moments all those years ago that were so precious and too short.

May 01, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

May 1, 2016 § 5 Comments

Lisbon, Portugal, taken on April 29, 2013

I have the utmost respect and admiration for my middle school French teacher, and I think I’ve proven it by looking for him in Portugal (yes he’s Portuguese but taught French) 12 years after I graduated from middle school. He was the reason why I continued learning French and one of the most influential teachers during my school years. This is the last photo I took of him after reuniting with him three years ago. My teacher, my old friend, I do hope to see you again!

Jan 28, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Clarinet player

January 28, 2016 § 1 Comment

Toronto, Canada, taken on December 15, 2005

A #tbt photo of my sister in her 4th grade (or was it 5th?) band as a clarinet player. Chubby and adorable ^_^ I should get her a clarinet someday – now that she’s almost 20, she can certainly pick it up again and maybe someday we’ll have that Super Mario duet that I had been dreaming of…

Jan 21, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Tony

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Toronto, Canada, taken on May 30, 2005

It’s been 6 years since Tony passed away but I still remember the highschool days when we were friends and innocent youngsters. We were never close friends, but the tiny impacts that Tony made in my life were unforgettable and may even outweigh the memories of the best of friends. I will never forget you.

January 01, 2014 – LS

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A happy new year begins with a stroll along the empty streets of Bordeaux with my friend LS (inside joke) doing some fun photo shoots. Très cute, no? 😉

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