Apr 25, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Little figurines

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on April 22, 2016

I’m a huge fan of Doraemon (Ding Dong as I call it) and The Little Prince, and so I have a set of these figurines sitting at home. The Ding Dong set contains the robot cat with various emotions while the TLP set contains TLP himself and the fox. Throw in Asterix and Obelix as well and you’ve got yourself a party – but let’s not neglect the sheep in the corner!

Apr 16, 2016 – [Saturday] Is this what you call art? – Painter

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Bordeaux, France, taken on October 30, 2012

I found a neat little figurine of a painter at work at my friend’s house a few years ago. Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it 😉

February 10, 2014 – Prince and fox

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I bought figurines of The Little Prince (my favourite book in the entire universe) and his fox in Belgium, but in the process of transporting them back to Canada, the prince’s head and the foxes ears fell off 😦 Good ol’ superglue fixed them 😉

November 07, 2013 – Figurines

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The Belgians really do love their comic books. Though not as popular as Tintin (just slightly), Asterix and Obelix are still very much loved by the Belgians. Their books and figurines could be found in every book shop.

April 02, 2012 – Figurine

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There was a cute little figurine in the kitchen of the hostel that I stayed at in San Sebastián. What is it, a chipmunk? A squirrel?

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