Jun 04, 2015 – [Thursday] Song Titles: Fields of Fortune

Perth, Scotland, taken on May 30, 2015

The 1234th blog post goes to Perth! Perth, Scotland, that is – no, I did not go to Australia. My hiking trip on Kinnoull Hill near Perth last weekend gave me a sneak peak of the magnificent Scottish countryside. As I admired the view from the summit of the hill, I was in awe and just wanted to embrace this lovely planet in its entire glory. The meandering Tay river, the rolling hills in a distance, the lush fields of fortune…how beautiful you are, my Scotland! Might I have fallen in love with you a bit more?

September 15, 2014 – Corn fields

A drive around the Rouge Valley area without any destination or directions led me to a rather rural area, far from the city center, where I was surrounded by sights of endless corn fields. It’s nice to get away from the urban center from time to time and enjoy the soothing feeling of driving along a carless road, as if I could leave everything behind 🙂

July 28, 2013 – Sunflowers

No lavenders in Provence nor tulips in Keukenhof this year, but what a blessing it was to see the sunflower fields today, row on row, stretching without end towards the blue sky, beyond the vast horizon. To be in touch with nature in its purest form, to listen to the voice of the truest beauty speaking through the wind – such marvel and awe. If anything was worth the trouble of going all the way, this was it.