Sep 29, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: Mirror selfie

Toronto, Canada, taken on April 19, 2006

The earliest forms of selfies with the sis were reflections in the mirror. Please do neglect the fact that my sister was using a blow-dryer as this photo was being taken. She was actually drying her hair…I swear! That facial expression is priceless though. Was I tickling her?!

Sep 22, 2016 – [Thursday] #tbt: WOW

Waterloo, Canada, taken on December 5, 2006

Today’s #tbt goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to 10 years ago, when this photo of my sister gesturing “WOW” was taken. I don’t even remember precisely where it was taken – from my memory it was Waterloo. And there is no information on the date also, so I could only go by the “date modified” tag. 10 years! That’s a whole decade!