October 30, 2014 – Irn-Bru

Geoff told me to try Irn-Bru, so I did. I got the sugar-free one by mistake though, bah. Let’s see…it tasted like generic brand soda that you can get at the vending machine at Price Choppers, does that about sum it up? I’m curious to see how popular it really is in Scotland though. Guess I’ll find that out in time. (Completely unrelated note: I’ve started writing in the TLP notebook, yay!)

October 08, 2012 – Ice wine

I brought back a bottle of ice wine from Canada for my friend and we shared it over dinner tonight with some unexpected game talk, ha! So yes, ice wine, very very sweet and delicate. I actually liked this one more than the one I had last year…hmm. Well, there’s half a bottle left. Till another time 😉

May 29, 2012 – Beer

The night before going to China (yes I’m going to China tomorrow!) I had two girlfriends over for dinner. My part was preparing the drinks, but we didn’t drink as much as I had anticipated. Perhaps I’m just an alcoholic. Oh and that is indeed a bottle of ketchup.