December 28, 2013 – Breaking bread

Tonight’s GCC gathering at Peiguang’s place involved cooking and eating together! The main dish was lamb and beef paomo, which is essentially broken bread cooked in meat broth. No, not your typical baguette-type bread – this is a special type of bread made in the Shaanxi region of China. Here we have a group of friends hard at work, hand-breaking the bread into small pieces to be stewed. Not many people tonight, but always a fun time with GCC 😉

December 24, 2013 – Christmas meal #2

It’s time for the annual Christmas meal! Well, there are always several each year, actually, as so many “groups” (Chinese fellowship, English church, etc.) organize these dinners, but the more the merrier especially when friends and food are involved! This one, which took place at Peiguang’s place, exposed the grand chefs that dwell within each one of the invitees as everyone brought something to share. Let’s eat already!