Dec 30, 2016 – [Friday] Patterns: Dim sum

Guangzhou, China, taken on December 28, 2016

Guangzhou is the land of dim sum and this trip back certainly reignited my love and craving for it. The durian pastries here looked like mini bombs, I joked. Please keep those away from me, but I’d gladly eat the three dumplings!

March 02, 2014 – Yum cha

It’s a rare Sunday morning with the entire family present, so what better thing is there to do than going for “yum cha”? “Yum cha” literally means “drink tea” in Cantonese, a cultural habit for us involving dim sum – small dishes of Cantonese food – and of course, lots of tea. Of course the restaurant was loud and crowded, nothing less than expected on a Sunday morning, but that’s the way we roll!