September 02, 2013 – Eight pins

If I stabbed my heart one by one with these colourful pins the way I stabbed this soft, heart-shaped blob (for lack of a better word), that would probably hurt a lot. And sometimes the heart does get pinched like that. I realized that I could do a lot more with this sewing kit that I have. With 8 colours and 40 pins in total, I can probably make a micelle next time… 😉

April 09, 2013 – Double rainbow

A double rainbow appeared outside the office window in the afternoon, while it was still raining. Gray skies in Belgium as usual, and the rainbow appeared at just the right time! This photo had to be majorly processed to even see the colours of the rainbow because it was so faint, but trust me, even the faintest tint can turn a gray day into a bright one!