Oct 05, 2016 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Colmar

Colmar, France, taken on June 1, 2013

Colmar is an attractive city in the Alsace region of France and is an easy day trip from Strasbourg. The colourful half-timbered architecture is the defining feature of Colmar, just like in other cities in Alsace. How lovely it was to take a stroll here!

June 01, 2013 – Petite Venise

Two days ago I was at Petite France in Strasbourg, and today, I visited Petite Venise in Colmar, a cute town half an hour away from Strasbourg by train. I’ve never been to Venice, so I can’t comment on whether this part of Colmar really lives up to its name, but it is itself a charming and scenic place to be. Which one is more impressive, Petite France or Petite Venise? 😉