Jul 11, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Dragon cloud

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Isle of Skye, Scotland, taken on July 1, 2016

On Skye I saw some of the most magnificent cloud formations – a dragon (or whale perhaps?) was breathing out fire right in front of us! What a sight!

Oct 02, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Sun’s descent

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on October 2, 2015

As I was walking home from my office today, the sun was getting ready for its dramatic descent, calling it a day. And it certainly was a long-awaited day for me too because I am finally off on holidays, back to Canada I go!

Sep 07, 2015 – [Monday] The Places I Called Home: Invasion

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Toronto, Canada, taken on June 18, 2014

Say goodbye to the setting sun and welcome to the invading clouds taking over Scarborough. Let the night unfurl.

Aug 24, 2015 – [Monday] The Places I Called Home: Ominous

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on July 8, 2015

Ominous clouds loom over the University of Glasgow campus, signifying the coming of a mid-summer storm.

Aug 05, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Sunset from a train

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Somewhere between Manchester and Glasgow, taken on July 14, 2015

The location of this photo was “somewhere between Manchester and Glasgow” because it was taken from a train during a ride from Manchester to Glasgow. I’m not sure where I was exactly but it was probably close to Glasgow, yet still counts as a “travel” fav because I was literally travelling 😛 I did enjoy this timely sunset, especially as it was accompanied by some dramatic clouds that added to the overall effect of the scene.

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