Sep 27, 2015 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, taken on May 10, 2011

This may be a bit of an unconventional photo to illustrate this week’s challenge, but let’s go for it. Whenever I work in the cleanroom at the lab, whether at my current work place or back in Belgium (photo), I had to change into a bunny suit (cleanroom attire), which entirely makes me look like I’m up to no good. Then inside the cleanroom itself, everyone looks the same and it sometimes intimidates me. To get to the cleanroom from the change room, I had to go up some stairs and there was a large mirror before the entrance where I suppose you could check if you were dressed properly…? I think its sole purpose was for people to be able to snap a quick photo of themselves though, before selfies even went really popular. Then again I probably shouldn’t even have my phone out…shhh!

April 08, 2013 – Nanoimprint

This baby is the basis of my thesis. I still find it ironic that to make anything “nano”, we have to use gigantic machines, but this one isn’t TOO huge. I realized this time around in Belgium that every battle with the nanoimprint machine is a chance for me to practise my arm muscles. A rubber ring might seem easy to fix, but it requires heck of a lot of strength to tweak that little thing!