May 26, 2013 – Strasbourg

Arrival in Strasbourg today was welcomed by rain…lots of rain. Thankfully my hotel is right in the city centre, giving me quick access to all the points of interest. Conference starts tomorrow, and due to the rain, I only walked around very briefly while searching for food. Already, Strasbourg’s cathedral impressed me upon first look. It could almost go head to head against the Dom in Cologne, which makes our Saint-André in Bordeaux look very puny in comparison 😛

March 03, 2013 – Light #2

Marc Toureille was our guest speaker at the Cenon church this morning, preaching about Jesus being light of the world. Before sending the kids off to Sunday school, he made an analogy using candles to symbolize a burning life, where the little candle represents adults and the large candle is the child’s life. Brilliant speaker, by the way.