December 05, 2013 – Chocolate mountain

It’s finally time for the annual ritual…display of the Ferrero Rocher mountain in Auchan! I have to restrain myself from buying a box though because I know if Ferrero Rocher is within reach at home, I’d devour it at the speed of light. Still, the chocolate mountain/hill/pile/pyramid/whatever you want to call it is pretty impressive, and certainly very pretty 😉

May 04, 2012 – Dessert

Lots of cake pictures lately, huh? Well, there was a dinner party at my friend’s house tonight, so today’s entry almost HAD to be food – I just had to choose from the many drool-inducing pictures of the different types of food. The decision was…Cindy’s green tea chocolate cheesecake! Delicious goodness, layer by layer…love love love! (That is not a real bottle of wine, by the way. It’s a wine bottle opener in the shape of an actual wine bottle, much smaller than it appears ;))