August 12, 2014 – Chinatown

There are so many neighbourhoods in Toronto I have yet to explore, especially some of the unique and interesting ones in downtown. Because of some business downtown, I was able to stroll around Chinatown (one of the many in Toronto) in the Dundas/Spadina area. Not like I ever need to go there to get a feel of my Chinese roots though…Scarborough is a big Chinatown on its own, ha!

July 12, 2014 – Curry fish balls

Another food festival, woot! This time, it was Night It Up. My sister and I were smarter this time and went in the afternoon at the beginning of the event, avoiding all the line-ups that were sure to occur in the evening. We tasted lots of yummy food items, including stinky tofu, salty chicken, blooming onions, teppanyaki squid, takoyaki, and these classic curry fish balls. I was expecting four but got six instead, quite a good size. And I could not understand how something so simple could be so good!

April 27, 2014 – Pig stomach

Black pepper pig stomach with suan cai and “A vegetable” is today’s dinner dish of choice. Suan cai is Chinese sauerkraut, and the “A” in “A vegetable” is not an article – it is the literal translation from Chinese and I am not aware of an English equivalent. The English letter “A” is the name of the vegetable…for real. Perhaps similar to Romaine lettuce…but not quite. If you know the proper English name for this green vegetable, please enlighten me 😉