Dec 31, 2016 – [Saturday] Is this what you call art? – Street calligraphy

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Kunming, China, taken on December 23, 2016

I’ve seen my fair share of street art but I saw street calligraphy with water for the first time near Green Lake Park in Kunming. Excellent technique and beautiful writing – what skill!

Dec 28, 2016 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: My hometown

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Guangzhou, China, taken on December 20, 2016

I never considered my hometown, Guangzhou, to be a very beautiful place, but when I posted this photo of Guangzhou on various social networking sites, several friends remarked that the Guangzhou depicted here is “beautiful”. Perhaps it is the faint sign of a blue sky that may be so rare in northern China nowadays. Perhaps its the greenery that is present even amid the urban centre. Perhaps…Guangzhou is beautiful, and I just never noticed it.

Dec 05, 2016 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Big meal

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on December 4, 2016

Very early Christmas meal with a bunch of guys and gals from the GU fellowship – and it was a big delicious Chinese meal! Always a good time eating with friends – bon appetit!

Oct 02, 2016 – [Sunday] WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

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Guangzhou, China, taken on April 8, 2015

To me, nothing screams “nostalgia” more than food from my childhood, especially the cow offals (internal organs) – we call them “ngau jap” in Cantonese – that were ubiquitous on the streets of Guangzhou. Nowadays I can get this in Canada as well, but the ones sold at food carts in random corners or alleys in Guangzhou are still the best because they’ve retained the original taste and smell that fill the streets before you even reach them. And it’s the taste and smell of long-forgotten childhood that restore all of those buried memories, so precious and so nostalgic.

May 14, 2016 – [Saturday] Is this what you call art? – Stone dragon

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Macau, China, taken on December 21, 2015

The stone carvings at the A-Ma temples in Macau depict a dragon that guards the main gate of the palace and are so delicate and full of detail. Things like this make me marvel at the way people create art and the amount of time that it must have taken to turn an ordinary pillar of stone into something spectacular like these carvings. I am genuinely awed.

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