Mar 09, 2015 – [Monday] The Places I Called Home: Roofs of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France, taken on July 27, 2013

I just realized that the “The Places I Called Home” entries that I’ve posted so far almost follow the exact chronological order of the cities that I’ve called home, with the exception of THIS post (the order being: Guangzhou, Toronto, Waterloo, Hsinchu, South Bend, Bordeaux, Louvain-la-Neuve, and Glasgow). It was pure coincidence and unfortunately Bordeaux is “out of place”. For the next cycle, perhaps I will fix that 😛 Anyway, the roofs of the city of Bordeaux, seen from the top of St. Michel, take on various heights and orders and conformations and structures, giving them an unexpected sense of aesthetics. How I miss this city 😦