Nov 29, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Little flower on a hill

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Edinburgh, Scotland, taken on June 25, 2016

Little foxgloves cling onto dear life on the edge of Calton Hill, overlooking the beautiful Edinburgh. Aren’t you all just lovely! (See the original photo in colour.)

Nov 22, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Lady with the dried squid

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Hai Van Pass, Vietnam, taken on December 26, 2015

On the way to Hue from Hoi An via the Hai Van Pass we stopped by for a break. A lady carrying a basket of dried squid offered to sell us some and while we declined, she continued down the road. (See the original photo in colour.)

Nov 15, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Streets of Hanoi

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Hanoi, Vietnam, taken on December 29, 2015

My tour of Hanoi included a ride on a cyclo through the old quarter of the city. It was quite an experience navigating through the busy streets on this three-wheeled vehicle, and I was glad that the elderly gentleman who rode the cyclo knew where he was going as I would have certainly gotten lost if I were to wander around by myself, not to mention probably being hit by one of the countless motorbikes! (See the original photo in colour.)

Nov 08, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Signs in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, China, taken on April 3, 2015

Typical streets in Hong Kong are lined with signs of all sorts, and it’s quite dazzling during the night. This is one of the quieter streets and at 11pm, the crowds have mostly disappeared, but you bet that the restaurants are still open for a night snack! (See the original photo in colour.)

Nov 01, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Mid-autumn branches

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on October 22, 2016

Autumn comes, autumn goes. Soon the leaves will have all fallen from the branches and winter will be here! (See the original photo in colour.)

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