Jul 15, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Wall art

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Colmar, France, taken on June 1, 2013

I really loved this piece of artwork on the pink wall of a building in Colmar. The details in the nesting birds and the architecture in the background are so delicate and striking that I couldn’t help but pay attention to its beauty.

Jun 17, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Lovers

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Zoo de la Palmyre, France, taken on July 28, 2013

These birds may be lovers…OK, I’m sure they were lovers. That’s some intense public display of affections right there!

Feb 18, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Flight

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Burano, Italy, taken on December 15, 2013

The days were short at the end of December, and the sun was already setting in Burano, Italy by around 5pm. An experienced traveler friend advised me to watch the sunset by the coast of Burano as it would have been a stunning sight. So as the sun was getting ready for a show, my dad and I walked slowly towards the sea just in time to see a flock of birds take flight into the horizon.

Feb 06, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Bird bath

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Toronto, Canada, taken on July 21, 2014

Three birds were chilling at a bird bath in St. James Park in downtown Toronto on a hot summer day. I submitted this photo to the daily photo segment on Fairchild TV (a Chinese TV channel in Toronto) and surprisingly it made it on air. Maybe the smug expressions of the birds got the attention of the reviewers 😉

July 11, 2014 – Field of seagulls

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Good morning, world! On my way to work today I was greeted with a field of seagulls just chilling in the parking lot of the mall, maybe having a morning chat or something. Enjoy yourselves!

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