July 09, 2012 – Stamen

In search of the proper name for the part in the middle of a flower, I randomly typed “filament” in Google and was lucky enough to find that it’s called a stamen. Apparently, the long part really IS called a filament, and the oval head is called an anther. There’s our biology lesson of the day!

July 04, 2012 – Tips

I love repetition and patterns in the lab…and that’s not because I am working on surface patterning! There is something aesthetically pleasing about a box of pipette tips or a row of small glass vials lined up properly or shiny polished silicon wafers organized in a box. I have probably developed the worked-in-lab-for-too-long-so-I-look-for-anything-that-can-seemingly-make-the-world-a-better-place syndrome, inspired by 1000 Awesome Things. Please don’t mind me.