June 16, 2013 – VCub

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Sometimes biking is the preferred method of getting home from work over the tram. Not on a hot day that’s 31 degrees Celsius, though.

March 05, 2013 – Monument

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A bicycle leans against a monument of Léo Drouyn by the Saint-André cathedral.

December 20, 2012 – Biking in the rain

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For a week, Bordeaux has been hit by intermittent rain. Still, some people choose to bike.

April 24, 2012 – Bicycles

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I was hesitant about biking home today with the unstable weather, but as the sun was optimistically shining as I left the lab, I gave it a go. I did feel a few drops of rain on the way, but the violent rain pitied me and didn’t attack (although it was pretty windy). In the end, I made it home dry and happy.

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